S P E C I E S : 


Umin are small (about the size of a house cat) but resilient aliens that are often found wandering throughout space. They are sustained by a magic crystal known as a kor from Namu, their home planet, that they must consume in their youth; it is the only thing they consume in their lives. The kor's color and nature determines what color their underbelly becomes and what magic they are capable of.

I have a section of my server dedicated to miscellaneous species, including umin. Feel free to hop in if you'd like! The way my server is set up is so that you can pick roles to show/hide the parts of the server you want to engage with. There is also a permanent suggestion box set up in my server if you'd like to make any suggestions/requests. However, the rarer ones may take longer as I want to make batches with fairly balanced numbers (i.e. mostly standard, some unusual, a few rare, maybe one anomalous).