P A R T   1

T H E   I N V A S I O N

E V E N T   P E R I O D   A C T I V E :   TBA

Without warning, Aphels suddenly invade all areas with Phelions: the Academy, Earth, remote bases, traveling parties, and so on. Their numbers are greater and they are much more aggressive than usual, but more than that, instead of simply absorbing Phelions' fragments, they are particularly targeting the Aphel-touched in order to abduct them



Where is your Phelion at the time of the Invasion? How do they respond - do they try to get help? Do they try to defend others? Create an entry depicting their experience during the quest. 

If they are Aphel-touched, they may will be particularly targeted for abduction. Tendrils of multiple Aphels merge with them, causing them to become paralyzed and overcome by the Aphels before being kidnapped. If you take your Phelion down the Abduction Route, that Phelion will be eligible for the Hive-side quest in Part 2. 

You can have a Phelion become Aphel-touched through this quest, even if you already have one, so long as it does not make more than half of your Phelions Aphel-touched. That is, you must have 2 or more if no previous Aphel-touched, must have 4 or more if you have one Aphel-touched already. In Part 2, there will be another opportunity for Aphel-touched to transition to the Hive-side of the Main Story quests. During the Invasion, Aphels do continue to attack non-Aphel-touched Phelions and continue trying to take their fragments. 


You must provide a synopsis (summary) outlining the major occurrences for all involved Phelions. There is no minimum or maximum, but if I (Auspice) find it unsatisfactory, I may press for more detail. 

An example: "Orvis and Aleiren were at the Academy together when the Invasion began. Aleiren began to hear voices, experiencing a headache and something similar to dissociation as visions and alien voices resounded in their mind. Aphels managed to breach their location and targeted Aleiren aggressively; Orvis defended them until Aleiren recovered enough to fight. However, Aleiren was overwhelmed by Aphels and was subdued by multiple. Orvis watched them be transported away." 


Create artwork, a comic, writing, or an art/writing combo. See requirements for each below. 

You may submit multiple separate entries for different Phelions.  At least one Phelion for each entry must be yours. You may collab on pieces, though the amount of effort should be approximately equal. If you allow someone else to use your Phelion with it not being a collab, you will not earn any bonus rewards for them. 




Option to volunteer your Phelion for official content, including interlude chapters (writings or other story media between quests) and/or a possible major project (may be comic, web novel, animation, short film, etc.). Note that this is not a guarantee of usage, and they may only make a minor appearance. I do not know how long it will be before I pursue the major project. 

You have additional options for specifications and such: 

Ownership lock: You may request that your Phelion's ownership be permanently locked to you. This would be indicated on the masterlist. This option is only available if you volunteer your Phelion for official content. Note that the Phelion will be locked to you if I decide to use them; you will be notified if/when I start the project, and can still choose to retract your offer.

The "volunteer ticket," so to speak, is only valid so long as the Phelion is still owned by you by the time I start. The Phelion will be ownership-locked to you if I decide to use them. You must also still be in the Auspicium Discord server with the Phelion role or a superseding one - if you leave the server, your ticket will be revoked. If you re-join, you may ask to reinstate the "ticket."