Original Stories

Here are the original stories I've posted! Click each title for more details.


Enter Khimaer, a world of magic with an advanced, globalized society established across it. Humans are born without magic, but slowly, their power grows within them until they have the potential to be transformed by it. Follow the journey of Eirien Ward as they discover themself and the secrets of the world.


Sier Avaren is a researcher, working for the Celeis company in an outpost on the alien planet Archeiah.

All life there possesses ichor - a dark blue liquid - instead of blood, which absorbs the mysterious energy called "starlight" that radiates from the core of the planet. The dragonlike creatures known as "nulls" absorb the most starlight of them all, and may be the key to understanding the secrets of Archeiah.


A story following Eyrin Kal's encounter with an alien crash-landed from space. Perhaps it could be called a romance, if such a concept existed for the alien, and if Eyrin cared to label it.


Humans and computers have long been considered different entities, each with their own strengths and flaws. But in the era of 2520, almost every human is born in tandem with an AI, made to evolve, to become the perfect complement of the human.

Together, they are two, but one. Together, they are the HUMaiN.


Kel, a college student, accidentally wakes up a weakened eldritch god (or so it says) and... proceeds to go on as normal.

Assignments won't finish themselves, even if you've got an eldritch freeloader now.