The world is reliant on information, and the computers used to manage it.

We need organization, efficiency, the clear-cut algorithms of machines to establish order in the infinite data.

But computers and artificial intelligences are flawed. The amount of data and computational power necessary for simply distinguishing a person from the road, or a dog from a cat, is immense.

Humans, however, can instantly recognize different types of objects, completely overcoming difficulties of computer vision. They are wired for instantaneous decision making, feedback control, object recognition—all while requiring the equivalent of approximately 100 watts. The greatest supercomputers of the 21st century, on the other hand, required upwards of four megawatts, 106 times more power.

All this was observed, and distilled into a single question: why not take the best of both?

Our name is Endra Nenthe. We are two-and-one, as nearly all of us are in this era. We are the human Entha and the AI Hydra, intertwined from birth, grown to complement each other perfectly. Human and AI in harmony.

HUMaiN, we are called.

Everything is automated, now, in the era of 2520. Sustainable. Machines have replaced humans in every area that they can. The population has been systematically reduced and maintained to a near-constant level. But that leaves the rest of us free to seek any future we wish.

We are given the opportunity to be something, anything, that only a human can do. Art, writing, design, philosophy… our choices are infinite.

What we, Endra, do not understand is the existence of the organics. Humans born alone, without their AI counterpart. They choose to be alone—why? Each of us would be incomplete without the other.

Still, they are permitted to exist, beyond the bounds of society, toiling away to fulfill their basic needs.

But every now and then, one wanders in.

Arke Sonder was his name—a human who came to civilization to be united with one who would complete him. We have volunteered to be his guide to society.

And then, perhaps… he will sate our curiosity.