If you would like to commission me for art, here is the place! Please be sure to read the Terms of Service as well.

To commission me, please fill out one of these forms: 

Commission Info

You inquire for commissions by filling out the form, contacting me on any of my socials, or emailing I am active on Discord, Tumblr, Deviantart, and Twitter, but email is the best way to contact me if we’ve never spoken before. I do prefer Discord for correspondences but do not wish to list my handle publicly, so feel free to ask for it.

If I do not respond after three or so days, you can also try contacting me via another avenue - I may have missed it! But please do not spam.

I will state a price (in USD), and if you agree, you must pay via Paypal up front (except for character designs, where I sketch first).

Typical Offerings

You may still inquire for something not listed, such as sketches, environment designs, 3D models, etc. 


Typical Process


I typically paint and have various styles I can use. These styles are divided into rough, polished, and (polished) lined styles, with pricing dependent on those categories.

Other than that, pricing will mostly depend on character complexity and how much of the character you would like me to draw. Lighting and simple/abstract/blurred backgrounds are included.

Polished Styles

Click images for full size/uncropped version


Simple, fullbody: 70 USD.
Character: Trickster, owned by me and UnluckiestBlackCat. 


Complex, fullbody: 110 USD.
Character: Reaper, owned by Atomic.


Simple to regular, fullbody, scene: 90 USD.
Character: Gaelach, fiachmara's esk.


Simple, fullbody: 60 USD.
Character: Lady Lud, owned by stormwalker.


Moderate, headshot: 60 USD.
Character: Saffrax, owned by thedawner.


Moderate, fullbody: 80 USD.
Character: Toshikyo, Edeia fusion owned by Sykhe.

Rough Styles


Simple, fullbody: 60 USD.
Character: Karma, Stel's Edeia


Simple, fullbody: 60 USD.
Character: Seven, VoidGremlin's OC.


Very simple, halfbody: 30 USD.
Character: Orion, Dragrawr's OC.


Moderate to complex, headshot: 45 USD.
Character: Alabaster, VoidGremlin's personal OC.


Complex, bust: 50 USD.
Character: Sabium, Tooie's OC.


Moderate, partial-body: 60 USD.
Character: Anima, VoidGremlin's Edeia.


Simple, fullbody: 60 USD.
Character: Hydrogen, Zeyphle's OC.

Lined Styles

Polished lined work takes exceptionally long for me, so their price is much higher. However, they are here if you are interested.


A sharp, jagged style developed from an art style reversal challenge.

Moderate, fullbody: 100 USD.

Character: Ego, an Edeia belonging to me.


Mixed artstyles with any lining style + any painting style for coloring.

Jagged-Mercury | Moderate fullbody + moderate to complex halfbody: 190 USD.
Characters: Fontaine, owned by UnluckiestBlackCat; Maelei, owned by me.


A lined style with bold, flowing lines. 

Moderate, two busts + hands: ~140 USD.

Characters: Belladonna Davenport and Neyra Elena Darcy from Purple Hyacinth. 

Note that I decide character complexity, you do not. I may pick prices within the listed ranges rather than a specific price. 

Head/bust is shoulders-up, halfbody is waist up, partial is knees (or equivalent) up, and full is the entire body, allowing for some artistic cropping. My "default" ranges from partial to full-body, depending on how the composition ends up.

Here are things that may increase the price:

Other Notes

Character Design / Reference

You may also commission me for a character design or reference, which will be a simple-shaded fullbody. I can do them in a polished Airbrush style or Mercury style, or a rough/sketchy Facet style.

Character redesigns go for the same price. For species, I may charge extra fees if I need to learn about and abide by particular traits. 

Typical Process


Approximate prices are shown to the below. Prices may be lower for commissions just for a reference, rather than a design. 

Like paintings, these are ranges and I may quote a price that is not an exact one listed; I will judge how complex the design request is. For complex characters, there is no upper limit.

By default, I will add simple shading and a simple (likely gradient) background, in addition to providing a transparent PNG. 

Price for details/extras is for each item, and can include weapons, items, eye details, open mouth, demonstration of abilities, etc. 

Simple: 40 USD. 

Design commissioned by Ves.

Somewhat moderate + weapon extras: 90 USD.

Gibbs, commissioned by someone I know.

Complex + extra detail: ~180 USD.

Xhen, my own MYO Taum.


Many notes are similar to those for paintings:

Species Designs

I am the creator of a number of closed species; you may see more info in the Species tab or in my Toyhouse species folder. Each species may have different acquisition methods, which you can find in the specific species info under "Acquisition."