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Kel, a college student, accidentally wakes up a weakened eldritch god (or so it says) and... proceeds to go on as normal.

Assignments won't finish themselves, even if you've got an eldritch freeloader now.


Myosotis is a minicomic series created in October 2021, intending to capture snippets of Kel's life with Re'zeraavu.


Kelnan "Kel" Balfour

Species: Human
Pronouns: changes, most often he/him, sometimes they/them, rarely vae/vaem/vaers

A graduate college student who discovered and accidentally woke Raavu, with the eldritch being essentially possessing him but being too weak to actually take over him.

Like any reasonable person would deal with it, he did not deal with it and went on back to working on his assignments. Deadlines wait for no one, after all - not even people who now have eldritch freeloaders that ask too many questions about too many things.

But, well. Maybe it's not so bad. It might be fun to teach an ancient god about the wonders of modern society.


They generally wear rings to indicate their preferred pronouns. They aren't really offended if folks get it wrong, but it does make them happy when folks get it right.

  • None: no preference. Or they forgot.

  • Gold: he/him

  • Black: they/them

  • White: vae/vaem/vaers

They wear various kinds of clothes, but tend to stick to neutral palettes of black, brown/beige, and white.



AKA: Raavu [RAW-voo]
Gender: None
Pronouns: it/any

An eldritch being once known as a god of unfathomable power, woken in a weakened state from a long sealed slumber. It now faces a world of mysterious technology and a strange, irreverent culture that has largely forgotten the power of those beyond mortals.