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Enter Khimaer, a world of magic with an advanced, globalized society established across it. Humans are born without magic, but slowly, their power grows within them until they have the potential to be transformed by it. Follow the journey of Eirien Ward as they discover themself and the secrets of the world.


Khimaer is a story following the story of Eirien Ward, a khimaera. The first ideas for this story were conceived in January 2019.

It was originally intended to be a webcomic, and the first four chapters have been posted, but I have decided to continue the story in a web novel format and began posting the first chapters in October 2021.

World Overview

On the planet Khimaer, humans are born normal, and as they grow their affinity for the magic substance of this world, iether, grows.

Once they reach a critical point, an extreme psychological or emotional event can trigger the transformation into a khimaera (key-MARE-uh). This changes their physical existence drastically, possibly changing number of limbs, eyes, etc., changing body colors, changing biology. However, they are still biological creatures, and still resemble the humans they once were. Unfortunately, 90% of those transformations become uncontrollable and cause people to turn into "monsters," losing their humanity in both form and mind. The degree varies, however.

Khimaera, by looking into themselves and focusing on developing their true self, can nurture another consciousness in their soul. That is their espira - the true shape of their soul and the source of their power. With a fully developed espira, after the khimaera's physical death, the espira can absorb their remaining essences and actualize into an independent, immortal (ageless) being.

After that, the espira can slowly become attuned to the source of all natural iether - the iethereal plane. Generally, iether can only be used after being "processed" through a soul, changing it to a different color and element (the two are unrelated, and the type and color are referred to as the chroma of the iether), but espira can slowly become able to access the reality-changing natural iether, even if they still can't use it.

If an espira becomes fully attuned to the iethereal plane, and lets go of all attachments to the physical realm, they can ascend to the collective god-existence of the Catharia. The Catharia can change reality, occasionally granting wishes if they feel the urge, but they are a force of nature and most often are not concerned with human affairs.

Notable Characters

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Khimaer Height Chart

Eirien Ward

[AIR-ee-en WARD]

A khimaera who works as a Praetor to hunt down monsters who wander into the realm of Civilization. They are quite powerful, more than they were able to handle on their own at first - which is how they came to be known as the "Shadow Beast."

Affiliation: The Praeta

Age: 21

Species: Khimaera

Chroma: Silver Shadow

Class: S

Gender: genderflux

Pronouns: they/them, she/her

Orientation: demiromantic, asexual

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Kiun Narx


A khimaera who spends most of his time in the Wilderness, unbound by the law and order of Civilization. He has appeared in Civilization to cause trouble a number of times, earning the moniker "Blood Demon" and getting a "Detain or Expel on Sight" designation from the Praeta.

Affiliation: none (exiled)

Age: 27

Species: Khimaera

Chroma: Acid-Green Blood

Class: A

Gender: male

Pronouns: he/him

Orientation: aromantic, pansexual

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Maron Klaer


A long-standing member of the Praeta. She lives in the Ascera Academy in the same housing unit as Eirien, unofficially their handler and something like their friend.

Affiliation: The Praeta

Age: 36

Species: Khimaera

Chroma: Teal Water

Class: A

Gender: female

Pronouns: she/her

Orientation: lesbian

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