Terms of Service

Here are the general terms of service for commissions, adopts, and other services I may provide. By commissioning me, buying my designs, or otherwise requesting my services, you are subject to these terms.

These terms are subject to change at any time.


  • Any usage of "I" or other personal pronouns refers to me, Auspice.

  • Any usage of "you" or related pronouns refers to you as the commissioner/client.

  • The "work" refers to the artwork, design, adopt, etc. purchased from me.

  • The "order" or "request" refers to your instructions/your request for the work.


  • I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. I may or may not provide and explanation and you can request one if you wish, but I am not obligated to give it.

  • You must have permission to use a character you commission me to draw, i.e. you must own the character, have permission from the owner, it is a character from public commercial media, etc. You are accountable for having the permissions to use the character and how the character is portrayed.

  • You pay me for the time spent and the service rendered, including the time spent discussing details and ironing out the details of your request.

    • The more concise your request, the better. Note that this does not mean precise or detailed, I am happy to take a significant amount of artistic freedom with general but succinct requests.

  • You may see here for the typical process of painting commissions and here for the typical process of character design commissions.

  • I retain the rights to use the work for advertising, presenting, and redistributing my work, such as for commission listings/examples, in portfolios, posting on social media, etc.

  • For character designs and adopts, you must follow my adoptable terms and conditions.


In all cases, you are not allowed to use my work for NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The permissions outlined below may not cover all situations, but the intention is to give a broad outline of what is allowed.

I may individually give specific permissions for certain works beyond what would typically be allowed for personal use. You may also request certain permissions.

Personal Use

Generally, "personal use" is the use of the work for personal enjoyment and not for profit, and sharing the work with credit. Under personal use, you may:

  • Post the commissioned work to reference websites such as Toyhou.se, and use the work as reference material (i.e. sharing a character reference to an artist for a different commission/request/etc.)

  • Use the work as profile pictures, banners, character profile artwork, etc.

    • When using a work in this context, you may make minor edits such as cropping, applying a filter that changes hue/saturation/brightness/etc. If there are minor errors in the piece, you can try to fix it yourself. For any major edits, please ask me before doing it.

    • Note that even if you make minor edits, do not repost the edited work on public social media.

  • Share the work privately, such as to friends or in Discord servers

  • Reblog/retweet my original posts of your commission on social media websites that I am active on (DeviantArt, Tumblr, and Twitter).

    • Do not repost without permission, but you can request to do so on websites where I am not active, so long as there is no paywall.

    • You may "repost" with credit for things such as raffles, request threads, that sort of thing where someone asks for references. Still, reblogging/retweeting when possible would be appreciated.

    • If you do repost, please credit with a link to this website or credit one of my social media handles.

You may not use the work for monetary gain, including any of the commercial uses outlined below.

Commercial Use

Generally, "commercial use" is the use of the work for profit, including sales, marketing, branding, merchandise, etc. Under commercial use, you may:

  • Use the work for merchandise (prints, using a character design for a figurine/plushie intended for public sales, etc.)

  • Use the work for branding and advertisement (such as using a logo for a profitable entity, using a character design as the mascot of a commercial/profitable entity including companies and closed species, using artwork for packaging merchandise and such, using the artwork to advertise or present something intended for profit, etc.)

  • Limit access to the work behind a paywall / require payment to access the work.

I request that I be credited for the work somewhere visible to the public, but it does not need to be overt.

Commercial transactions should be discussed individually. Exact terms of use can be negotiated and discussed with the client. Commercial transactions will have an increased price and will be calculated on a case-by-case basis. Unless explicitly stated, all transactions will only be for personal use.