Auspicious Art


I am on hiatus until December 20, 2023! I will not be taking commissions during this time. I will mostly be off of social media and will only minimally interact with people online, though I may be working on things privately and scheduling posts. I may briefly reappear around the end of October/start of November to take care of some things. 

For matters urgently requiring my attention, email

Hello! I am Auspice, I identify as agender and use they/them pronouns. I also go by Auspen Cyanith. I am a 2D/3D artist as well as a writer, and I make both original and fan content - typically in fantasy and science fiction genres. 

If you would like to commission me, see the Commissions tab. 

I also create a number of original stories, which are all available to read online - see Original Stories for details.

I am also the creator of a number of species, including the Edeia closed species. You can see more in the Species section.